Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Nokia 8 vs. Galaxy S8: Which is better in terms of Display and Hardware

Nokia 8 and Samsung Galaxy s8 are two flagship smartphones of the recent times. Nokia 8 64GB mobile phone price is comparatively low though. Both offer some amazing features and specs, but both also have some flaws as well. Here, we will describe the brief comparison between Nokia 8 and Galaxy s8. So, let’s get started.

Display & Design

Samsung galaxy s8 display is one of the best displays around with curved edge design and bezel less display. Not only this, it looks glassy and so sleek at first look. When it comes to weight of the device, it is less heavy (155g only) than Nokia 8 (160g).

Galaxy s8 doesn’t have home button physically and that makes it more innovative and clean in construction, as well as you get more space on screen. It offers 5.8-inch large AMOLED display with Quad HD resolution of 2960 x 1440. It also includes a Video Enhancer mode, which enhances the contrast and brightness in certain apps i.e. Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, etc. All in all, S8 is one of the best smartphones with sharp colors and bright on-screen image.

Nokia 8 comes with unibody design and looks classy, thanks to its long 40 stage manufacturing process of machining, anodizing and polishing. Overall, Nokia 8 phone is not as quite impressive as Samsung s8, with only 5.3-inch display that is also not AMOLED. Although it comes with an exceptional Quad HD screen with a 2560 x 1440 resolution.


Samsung uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor if you are buying it within the state, the same goes to Nokia 8. However, if you are considering it outside of the states, then the chip will be Exynos 8895, which is just as strong as the Snapdragon 835.

The S8 and Nokia 8 both come with 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage; however, you can expand that memory on both devices via an external SD card. Means, you would avail a smooth user experience on both of the devices.
When it comes to battery, S8 is loaded with 3000mAh battery while on the other hand, Nokia 8 has 3090 battery. Although there is not much difference but on power consumption, Nokia 8 is relatively better that can remain intact for long hours, despite both includes same kind of processor.

One area where the Nokia 8 is really winning the race is related to camera. Although S8 has an impressive 12MP camera with wide f/1.7 lens and Auto HDR mode, but it comes without dual sensor unlike the recent flagship smartphones of the same group.

Nokia 8 includes 13MP incredible primary camera with OIS and another 13-megapixel sensor that shoots in monochrome, perfect for taking bothies. Other features include an f/2.0 aperture, less wider comparing with the Galaxy S8’s f/1.7, and a dual tone flash.

Waterproof Capability

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also water/dust resistant, backed by IP68 certification. But the Nokia 8 phone is only IP54 splash-proof, so try avoid dropping it into the pool.


Nokia 8 Mobile Phone prices in Australia range from $550 to $750. As far as Samsung Galaxy s8 prices are concerned, they started from $700 and goes up to $1200.

Monday, January 15, 2018

What Makes Nokia 5 Unique than Other Android or Apple Smartphones?

For last decades, Nokia phones undoubtedly have stood for beautiful, crafted design and excellent quality. And now, Nokia has been come back with new enthusiasm under its new owners along with numerous affordably priced and extensively unremarkable phones. Recently they have launched Nokia 5 smartphone with durable and beautiful material as well as great feel and an ideal balance of performance. But what makes it unique than others? We’ve mentioned top 8 reasons that make this phone unique when it comes to buying.

Curved Design

Nokia 5 comes with a sleek curved design which meets pure Android experience. It has seamless aluminum unibody along with 5.2-inch polarized HD display with sculpted Corning Gorilla glass.

High Quality in Less

Nokia has designed their new Nokia 5 with extraordinary care. It has a smooth and minimalist body which is made from a single piece of precision-milled aluminum in order to give it durability. But what’s the price? Very next question pops up in mind, right? In terms of prices, Nokia undoubtedly takes good care of their users that’s why Nokia 5 Mobile Phone price is highly competitive even if you compare it with any other Android phone or Apple iPhone.

Beautifully Seamless Body

Besides, Nokia 5 has clean, pure back along with no antenna lines which have been moved to the top and the bottom of the phone. Moreover, display with sculpted Corning Gorilla Glass makes it clean look unspoilt by seams or lines. 

13MP Autofocus Camera

Now Nokia 5 made so easy to get great photos. It comes with a 13MP camera along with automatic scene detection which helps you get perfect shots no matter where you are. And dual-tone flash feature makes color natural in the photo.

Take Better Photos at Night

Taking photos at night is now hassle-free as Nokia 5 has upgraded your night-
time photos. It is equipped with phase detection autofocus, side aperture and dual-tone flash which are known as the fancy way to capture fantastic pictures even at in the dark.

Less in Price with Dazzling Specifications

Most interestingly, Nokia 5 comes with all exquisite features you may find on any other smartphone, but the price is unmatched which is offered by no one else. Moreover, Nokia has launched their Nokia 5 in Australia in September 2017 and Nokia 5 16GB Mobile Phones prices in Australia start from just $229. But when it comes to buying it at the lowest price, Paylessdeal.com.au has got you covered. It lets you compare prices with ease. For this instance, you can save plenty of extra dollars with no hassle.

Brighter Display Experience

Say hello to good-looking photos, real colors and perfect brightness when you have Nokia 5 in your hand as it comes with 5.2-inch HD display which gives you a wide view of photos and videos. And it’s equipped with polarizer that helps you read contents with ease even in bright sunlight.

Up to Date and Secure

Nokia 4 runs Android Nougat which is a full spread of Google services. You can get clutter-free and focused experience and most importantly, it’ll automatically get the regular updates, so you’ll stay on top of features and security.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

5 Dazzling Ways Won't Let You Buy iPhone X at Full Price Anymore

Buying an Apple devices have never been easier and even no one said Apple gadgets are going to be cheap. Either you are looking for an iPhone, iPad, Mac or any other piece of Apple hardware, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we have shared some handful tips and tricks that can help you make your right decision and make your money go further.

Wait for iPhone X Best Deals & Sales

It seems that Apple ordinarily doesn’t offer discounts and deals on its items. But if you’re not in a hurry and can wait for a little bit, then getting it on holiday deals can be your smart move whether you’re about to buy Apple iPhone X 128GB or Apple iPhone X 256GB Mobile Phone. Probably on a Black Friday or a Christmas, Apple company roll out its dazzling deals and sales that you can obtain to save your hard earned money without any hassle.

Buy when you are on Travel

Gladly, Apple hasn’t set one price for its devices all over the world because the price varies according to the other country’s local taxes, exchange rates and there is a vast list of numerous factors. However, it cannot be so easy to travel somewhere just to buy an iPhone X but if near in future, you’re planning to travel anywhere, then you can now wait for a bit to not lose this dazzling chance to save your money. Sounds amazing, right?

Price Comparison Helps save Bucks

When it comes to buying an iPhone X online at the most affordable price, none other than price comparison helps you save bucks. It enables you to compare prices of your desired item from a bunch of stores offering the same item at different rates. Moreover, if you’re particularly looking to buy an iPhone X in Australia, then you can compare Apple iPhone X 64GB Mobile Phone Price in Australia with no hassle. So, be the first and use price comparison tool to buy iPhone X at the cost-effective price.

EDU Discount

Keeping an eye on every kind of discount while buying an iPhone X makes you a smart shopper whether you’re buying online or in-store. Interestingly, Apple offers a wonderful way named as “EDU Discount” for students and teachers to save up to 10% on their buying with no hassle. And it’s most likely the exquisite way to save money. For this instance, you can shop online at Apple’s website and get an extensive amount of real discount via the education store portal. However, they have set some terms and conditions on the products you buy under this discount.

Buy Refurbished Phone

Are you “Brand New” conscious? If not, then you’re at the right place. Isn’t buying refurbished iPhone a fantastic way to save? Of course, yes because Apple comes with more than a wonderful refurbished program. If any device of Apple returns due to any reason, Apple retest it entirely through its quality department and put it for sale at a considerable discount. For this instance, you can save up to 25% off the cost of a brand new iPhone X.