Friday, April 29, 2016

what is the difference between Tanzanite and Diamond?

What to Look?

Tanzanite was discovered in 1967 Tanzania and then named after Tanzania as Tanzanite where it was discovered. It resembles with a bluish violet sapphire but has a very far less cost. It gained popularity in 1980s and 1990s. It remained a popular choice in jewellery despite its relative fragility. Tanzanite stones are rarer and hence more precious than diamonds. On the contrary, neither do they have the same industrial strength as the other more common precious gemstones have, nor do they have the same cost. It is basically come from only a roughly 20-square-mile region in the Melanie foothills in Tanzania at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is harder to find it on each successive year. As it is only found in this one location in the world that is why, Tanzanite’s increasing scarcity also leads to its mounting per-carat price.

Stones and Craftsmanship
Both diamonds and tanzanite are too expensive to use in crafts unless you make handmade jewellery. Since 2012, the Tanzanite Foundation has funded the Maasi Ladies Project, which features handmade jewellery of the women who live near the region where tanzanite is mined. Since 2012, these women have made distinctive wire-wrapped jewellery using tumbled tanzanite. Crafters often use imitation of tanzanite or diamonds in glass form instead of the real stone, or they use semi-precious stones.

Colour Comparison
Tanzanite stones range in colours from blue to purple on one hand and can display different colours when kept in the sunlight based on how they were cut on the other. Moreover, if we compare the colour of the tanzanite to the colour of deep rich sapphires, then the more blue the tanzanite is, the more valuable it is. Diamonds are also available in multiple colours from yellow, pink or blue. The scale for gauging diamond colours begins with colourless stones, and then moves on to near colourless, pale or faint yellow all the way to evident colours.

Strength and utilization                                                     
Defectively coloured or flawed diamonds are not out of the mix. Instead, these diamonds are used for industrial purposes.  You can find diamond-cutting blades for art and home projects. Sometimes diamonds are used as a sharp stone. That Tanzanite which does not have the potency of a diamond, is a more delicate stone, with a 6 to 7 rating on the Mohs mineral hardness scale, compared with diamond’s position at 10, the top of the scale. On the whole, it has gain popularity as a jewellery item and that women like to wear it as a gemstone instead of diamond etc. For product review and comparison different product and price checker sites are available on the net.

Price Comparison
Tanzanite stones price basically depends upon its size, colour, cut and clarity. As far as cut, clarity, colour, overall stone quality, and carats are concerned, Tanzanite stones and diamonds both are equally graded. Though tanzanite is rarer, yet diamonds still stands out as far as cost per carat is concerned. Well-known and high quality jewellers can charge even more for finished jewellery using one or both stones, based on their repute and the excellence of the precious stone situation. Here again, shopping comparison of different jewellers can be seen in the price comparison sites.

Monday, April 11, 2016

6 Tips to Buy the Best TV of your Choice

Finding a high quality TV of a reputed brand is not a problem. The most difficult thing to do is that we are bound to choose one amongst others. Television industry has become a great industry which brings great competition and competition breeds multiple options. So, choose one Television out of many requires research and matching ability of technology with its specifications.

Today, shopping for electronics goods such as TV’s have been changed altogether. Some years ago, we had maximum two options for TV’s, black & white and color screen, but now we have multiple variations including LCD, LED (Curve & Flat), HD, 3D, UHD, Plasma, and some more. Choosing the right new TV beyond doubt depends on where you are willing to watch the TV and what your other entertainment requirements are?So, let’s discuss some great tips that someone should consider before buying a new TV.

Entertainment Pre-Requisites
Entertainment pre-requisites mean what kind of specifications you want to see on your TV? Do you want to plug in a Blu-ray disc player or a DVD with your TV as well? Are you interested in playing games on your TV? For Blu-ray disc players and PS3 gaming systems, you should opt for 1080p capable TV’s with the highest resolution. While on the other hand, for a DVD player with no gaming, you can choose a lower resolution TV, so you can save some money.

Placement Specifications
TV placement is one of the most important considerations before buying a new TV. You have to decide that which room is ideal for watching TV and how many people can sit and view it with ease. For instance, Plasma TVs have screens of 42 inches and larger, so for a little piece for your bedroom, you should go for an LCD TV.

TV View Sitting Settlements
You should also keep in mind the sitting settlements for viewing angles of your TV. Here, Plasma TVs have some superiority over LCD TVs as far as viewing angles are concerned as their pictures don't blur when watching from any angles. For placing TV in front of sitting settlements etc., the LCD will save money for this criteria.

LCD vs. Plasma TV
If you prefer to save you budget on now and for ever basis then you should go for LCD TV as they are more user-friendly, energy savings and above all budget friendly at the onset and for all. And if you can afford the comparatively high cost and their energy bills etc. in the long run and you don’t compromise on viewing quality then you should go for Plasma TV’s. LG, Sony, Panasonic are considered as the top 5 brands whereas according to the top review sources like CNET, PC World and CNET prove that the Samsung PNC and LN series (40 inches and above) are in the top most priority of the buyers in general HDTV category. Ranging from 32 inches to 47 inches 7 LCD TV to Test Freaks and 3 LCD TV to CNET, LG is considered highly rated in its LCD TVs, series. According to them, LG LCDs are comparatively more high-priced and feature-rich taste but on the whole, the Samsung LN series is still top rated. In the category of plasma TVs, in category of 42 inches and above, LG (PK series), Samsung (PNC series) and Panasonic (TC series) are once again dominating as per all three independent sources (mentioned above).

Best Low-Priced TVs
In best low-priced TVs, LG stands prominent for 32 inches and above while Panasonic, Vizio and Toshiba comes later. Compare and contrast your needs and specifications from well reputed price comparison sites and then also consult from the concerned representative. Also experience the view of the TV screens up close at the store from various angles to see picture view etc. Also adjust the store lights the response of each TV to different lighting. Time is money, so spend some time on the price comparison sites to save your money and the best TV of your choice.